Frequently Asked Questions

How much deposit do we need to pay, and when is the final balance due?

The deposit amount is £100 payable upon booking.  The final balance is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding day by cheque, cash or bank transfer.

What happens if you are ill on our wedding day?

The chances of your photographer being ill on your wedding day are the same as you or one of your bridal party falling ill.  Unless seriously ill and unable to do the job needed, your photographer will make every effort to carry out the contract as agreed.  In the unlikely event that she cannot be with you on the day, she will do everything possible to work with fellow wedding photographer colleagues to find a replacement for you prior to the day.

Do you work on your own?

Yes, the packages described on the website can be fulfilled by one photographer on the day.  In the event that your plans or your venue require a second photographer, this can be arranged at a pre agreed price.

How many photographs do you take during the day?

Following the guidelines featured on the Wedding Prices page:

Package 1 – average 200 photos

Package 2 – average 300 photos

Package 3 – average 400 photos

You will be given all the edited images taken on the day, with the exception of a few that are edited out due to being duplicate or natural occurrences such as guests blinking.

Do you come to visit us as part of the initial consultation?

Yes, all packages include an initial consultation at your home or at an alternative venue if you prefer.  This takes place prior to booking to so that you can meet the photographer in person and ensure that her style and processes match your expectations.  After this your photographer will maintain email and telephone contact with you until a few weeks prior to your wedding when you will have a further discussion by phone about the finer details of the day.

How long do we have to wait after the wedding to see our photographs?

It will take approximately 2 weeks for your photographs to be edited and returned to you.  If you are going away on honeymoon, they will be ready for you when you return.

Do you edit the photographs after the day?

Yes, a few images will be excluded from the final collection if they have been duplicated or if the photographer is not entirely happy with them.  Otherwise, all the remaining images will be passed on to you for you to make your own choices about your favourites!

How can we let you know about our specific photo requests for the day?

The photographer will give you the Wedding Day Photo Checklist at the time of booking.  You can complete this in hard copy or electronically and return it a couple of weeks before the wedding.  The form asks you to select the standard images that you would expect to be taken during the day as well as giving you space to list your special requests, including the names of guests. The photographer will use this to work through your requests smoothly during the day and not require you to remember your choices on the day.  You can relax in the knowledge that all your chosen images will be recorded.